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Prayer  Ministries

Women in Action

Mentoring, counseling and life coaching women to discover their DNA and reach their goals and life’s purpose and destiny

The Regional Bronx House of Prayer (BHOP)

To answer the clarion call of unity in faith, across doctrinal, ethnic and cultural diversity producing a massive prayer movement with focus, purpose and the direction of the Holy Spirit to change, prepare and create the spiritual atmosphere of the Bronx and NYC for the Gospel, Revival, Reformation and Community Transformation (Matthew 21:13).

Men’s House of Prayer (MHOP)

A gathering for the purposes of uniting men to pray, worship;  to be encouraged and exhorted to embrace the role of the “priesthood” in the home (Joshua 24:15), returning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to fathers; and addressing male issues in the Body of Christ (Malachi 4:6).

Generation Impact: Youth House of Prayer (YHOP)

Integrity, Multi-generation, Prayer, Anointed/Appointed, Commitment, Transformation Creating an environment for youth to grow in the power of prayer, worship and develop an appreciation of their relationship in Christ and walking in holiness (Joel 2:12-28)

 (Cafe & Movie Night)

 Pray New York/The Bronx

An annual prayer walk throughout the 176 zip codes of NYC on the first Saturday of the month of June by a ‘network” of covenant relationship local congregations which has grown into a “movement” of prayer-evangelism with reports of  testimonies of the closing of bars, night clubs, cultic activity, botanicas, drug dens and many salvations.

NGICIM Kids Prayer & Ministry Camp

Creating a platform for children as Kingdom prayer warriors and more! A Movement for 1,000 kid warriors in NYC (Matthew 19:14).

Esther and Deborah Prophetic Prayer Conference

An annual prophetic and prayer conference where women from every sphere of influence unite in prayer, worship and to be healed and encouraged to “arise” in the spirit of Esther, the deliverer/intercessor and Deborah the mighty warrior “for such a time as this” (Judges 4:14; 5:7).

BX/NYC Prayer Summit

An annual clarion call to Regional clergy leadership, elected officials and community advocates to “Battle for the City/Nation” in prayer for the church, family, government, education,  finances/business community and the nation. We acknowledge and appreciate all those who work effortlessly for the fostering of the relationship and unity between our government, church and community (2 Chronicles 29:4-20).  

BX/NYC Restoration Prayer Network/Team.

Regional Team of intercessors and prayer warriors who have answered the clarion call as strategic “watchman” on the walls of our city, engaged in cosmic level intercession, strengthening the guard, declaring the decrees of the Lord against the enemy and lifting up the banner of Jesus Chris over our nation (Jeremiah 51:12): Prayer lines, houses of prayer, prayer tables, prayer walks, prayer summits, prayer conferences, school of prayer, etc.  

NGICIM School of Prayer & Revival

NGICIM Kingdom School of Prayer, Revival and Ministry.  Some of the themes that are taught are as follows:  Decoding the DNA of Prayer, Praying for Awakening, and Revival; The Power and Purpose of Prayer; Praying for Community Transformation and Using Spiritual Keys to Unlock your City; Apostolic and Prophetic Intercession, The Language of an Intercessor, Spiritual Warfare, The Person, Doctrine, Gifts and Anointing of the Holy Spirit; and the Great Commission-the Power of Prayer-Evangelism.

Apostolic Leadership Development Center

Leadership development with an emphasis on the following themes: The Apostolic Equipping Dimension Church in the current post modern culture. 

Love Gospel Church Without Walls (LGCWW)

 LGCWW serves as the evangelistic base and foundation for the Missions and Kingdom purposes of the NGICIM according to the Great Commission (Matthew 20:18-20). We are a local congregation, a prototype of the Book of Acts in the restoration, equipping and commissioning of individuals, families, and the transformation of communities, cities, regions and nations. Our DNA is from I Peter 2:9, “a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, and Holy Nation of Kingdom forerunners and builders appointed and anointed (Luke 4:18) “for such a time as this”.

Marriage & Family Ministry

Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Retreats, Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.

Saturate New York/ Urban Hope




Since 2015, Pura is the Bronx Borough Shepherd and coordinator of the Jesus Week, Jesus Summer and NYCHA Cities of Joy Campaign in partnership with Urban Hope, Inc. The Strategy of Church Without Walls, PRAY NY in the Bronx and the unity of the pastors in covenant relationships, have served as the foundation of the NYC/Tri-State “City Saturation / City Transformation and Jesus Week” Movement. The vision of this NYC/Tri-state ministry is Christ Saturation and City Transformation and has hundreds of pastors and leaders in NYC boroughs, the Tri-state and Philadelphia in partnership transforming their cities/communities. In NYC, Mayor Eric Adams and his administration and the commissioner of NYCHA, the Chancellor of Education, and the other commissioners of Immigration, Housing and the Department of Youth & Community Development are in partnership with Urban Hope, Inc. as one of the faith-based charities that has responded to the call. 


As the borough shepherd/coordinator in the Bronx, Pastor Pura coordinates and facilitates training workshops, conferences, prayer and worship experiences and assists in distribution of the evangelism resources and provides information in with working with a network of pastors who have been successful in adopting zip codes, neighborhoods, schools, shelters and NYCHA Communities. Example, Pura, and her team have adopted the Throgsneck Housing Community and serve in providing resources, including family/summer festivals, worship services, children’s ministries, periodical Bible study and prayer. 

She coined the terms, DNA of the city, Church Without Walls, Book of Acts Church “Alive”; the “prayer station” and “neighborhood” sacred altars concept.  Lastly, Pura blessed us with the biblical concept of finding the DNA and redemptive gift of our cities that would lead to the basis and authority for establishing Kingdom missions in our neighborhoods as we dis-possess and re-place the enemy’s influence with Christ’s influence. These concepts are written about in her book.

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